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I am from Helsinki, Finland and currently living in Gran Alacant in Alicante province in Spain. I’m fulfilling my lifelong dream and sewing clothes and accessories from Marimekko fabrics and local recycled fabrics. I think we should ether buy fabrics that are good quality and design that lasts decades or buy recycled. We shouldn’t make excess waste with our clothes and accessories.

I like graphic patterns and I’m drawn to 60’s, minimalist and bohemian styles with some colorful Japanese type fun. I aim to make items that last in time. You can check out my Insta account for what kind of items I like to do.

The items you see on these pages are not always the items that I have to sell. But they give you an idea what kind of fabrics I use and what kind of items I make. Everything is handmade.  You can read my blog page to see what I’m up to. You can also make requests for me.

Marimekko designer fabrics have stories. Read here about the Marimekko fabrics.

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