Old men’s shirts transformed


I wanted to find a way to use an old S-size men’s shirt which had a fantastic red/black checked pattern. So I took the sleeves and cut the top part of the dress from the shirt. Then cut the rest of the dress from patterns to complement the whole dress.

So the red dress was my first try. After that I made the blue one from a very conventional men’s shirt with white and blue vertical stripe (which you can’t see that well in the picture). I added a calming blue stripe in the middle and then cut the hem from Marimekko’s Kauris Kauris fabric.

I really like both dresses and am amazed how easy it’s been to attach existing sleeves to a new dress. I will definitely do that more often!




I’m starting to think about winter and thinking about sleeves. So I made two dresses with long sleeves.

I think I want something with slightly more puff sleeves too, but still with simple look.

It’s a work in progress.

Sling bag for a dog


We have three dogs and like to go hiking in the mountains. Our oldest dogs are 8 years old and our youngest is nearly 5. We’ve never had an accident on the mountains, but it has crossed our minds that if something would happen to one of our dogs, we’d need some “tools” to help get that one safely down to the car.

So I made this sling bag for the carrying purpose. It’s thick cotton from the outside (old curtain) with recycled jeans lining inside to give support. I also added a wide strap from on old bag to make it easier on the shoulders.

I’m not sure if this is the best option, so I will try to make one from an old back bag too, if I’m able to. But I guess this is better than a sheet since it helps the carrying process for us humans.

Our dogs weigh from 5,5kg to 11kg. So for the smallest dog we’d need to insert something in the bottom (like a shirt) to make the bag smaller for him. But since he’s the smallest, he’s the easiest to carry down anyway.

I do hope we never have to use this.


Thrift shop treasure transformed


I found an Indian pareo 100% cotton with this wonderful yin-yang symbol print in a thrift shop perhaps a month back.

I managed to use almost every centimeter of it and I love the results.

The tote bag has the lining from the pink bottom material that one of the dresses have.

I just wish I could find more materials like this. So much fun to work with this pattern and use the cut to make it alive.

Same fabric – two dresses


I found this gorgeous floral print last week in a thrift shop as a sheet. I made two different dresses of it. One with a color block top and the other one as more hippie style maxi dress.

I love maxi dresses myself. Well, I guess I like all the dresses… But maxis are very easy to wear and just add a short cardigan or a jeans jacket or something like that and you are good to go. Don’t need to take care of shaving your legs or anything similar 😉

And as for sheets, they are almost always so easy on the skin. So soft.

Simple cuts


Since yesterday I have done 3 dresses. All these above.

I have only used recycled materials and kept the cuts clean and simple.

The one on the left is an old curtain. Sheer viscose and quite hard to sew.

In the middle and right side sheet materials. I like the sheets better. Always soft against the skin and usually very lasting quality.

Mixing patterns and reusing old clothing


I’ve really been into mixing patterns lately.

The dress on right is made of old sheet. It has a very boho chic feeling so in that case the sheet itself was enough pattern. I love wearing it. It’s very light fabric and it makes me feel elegant inside of it.

Top in the middle is made of an old turquoise dress and recycled tunic. I love the tunics fabric. It’s so colorful and pretty, but the cut was impossible. I don’t know to whom it was made for. Anyway I took the fabrics and mixed them together. And I like the end result. Add jeans and you’re ready to go!

Dress in the left is made of 3 different  items of clothing. The butterfly top is an old recycled scarf. The grey middle is from the same tunic as the bright colored top is made of. Bottom from a recycled maxi dress.

So yeah, really into mixing and using patterns and reusing old pieces of clothing at the moment.  ❤


Bath rug


This idea I saw in Pinterest. Very clever way to use old towels.

I needed a absorbent rug next to our shower and decided to follow the instructions I had seen some weeks before. I’m not sure if I remembered the instructions fully, but I got myself a rug.

First I got 2 old towels that I cut to fairly wide strings (about 3cm). Then I sewed all the edges of the strings. Then I started to braid them together always sewing another string to the previous so that it was a never ending braid until I run out of material.

Then I arranged the brain in the form I needed and hand stitched the rug together on both sides.

I like the end result. It’s just what I needed for the bathroom. But this project was longer than I thought. It took me a day. Especially the hand stitching took hours. I’m not gonna do anything similar for a while.

I think similar could work on the patio. But instead of braiding it, I think I would crochet it with my hands. Hmmm….

Totebags galore


After making some “plastic bag totes” I got the urge to make some tote bags. On the sides I’ve used old jeans and also a partial print from one of my old t-shirts. The “everything” also serves as a side pocket.

In the middle one I used Marimekko’s Kauris Kauris -print’s deer for the other side. I think it looks so cute!

The last one on the right side has fully functioning back pockets as side pockets for the bag. The other side is just jeans, so if you don’t want to hand an ass underneath your armpit just turn it around! ;-D