More tops, tops, tops

topit collage_Fotor

These are some of the tops I made of my scrap materials.

In the middle I used Marimekko’s Unikko fabric. Also the bottom left is from Marimekko. I don’t know the name of that fabric design.

Flower top in the top middle is from my mother-in-law’s collection she gave me. Top left is a left over from a German online fabric store I tried out. All the rest are left over pieces from sheet sets.

I cut 12 tops in one sitting going through my scrap material box. I already gave some away for the recycled material I got in return.

When the evenings get chillier here in Alicante, just need to put a cardigan over the shoulders to keep the tops still usable.

Hello Kitty meets Marimekko


I got an old Hello Kitty sheet set from a friend and it immediately inspired me. This is what I came up with at first (there’s still a lot of material left).

I made the top from Marimekko Tasaraita jersey and the hem from old sheet. This is one of those dresses that does not look much when on hanger but immediately comes to life when on.

This is something I could imagine seeing in the streets on Tokyo. It really takes me to Japan style wise. Fun, bright, happy dress.

Mixing patterns


Same dress pattern mixed with different fabrics.

I had the urge to use some of my scrap fabric pieces and started to over the whole box I have. Some pieces were just too small, but some were still usable. Also fun to remember all the fabrics I’ve used when going through old scraps. I really had fun with this project and i also like the end results.

On the left I’ve used some Marimekko fabrics. The polka dot top is from an old sheet. The middle section is Marimekko Jurmo fabric designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. I only had a very little piece left, but wanted to use it as it is one of my favorite Marimekko patterns. The bottom is the only thing not from the scrap box. That’s Marimekko fabric too, but I don’t know the name of the print or the designer. If anyone does know, please drop me a comment. The one on the left is my personal favorite of all of these. More of an office look.

In the middle I have the beach version of the dress. Light fabrics with watery colors. Middle section the only piece not from recycled sheets. That’s a scrap piece from a dress I made of fabric bought from store.

On the right the grey top is recycled sheet material. Middle section is Marimekko scrap piece I had of Inka designed by Jenni Tuominen. The bottom is an old piece of fabric my mother-in-law brought me from her personal stockpile. It’s a bit strechy so it doesn’t wrinkle. This one is a nice leisure outfit that with a right cardigan can be turned into a office outfit in a second.

Boho hippie and mod dress with the same pattern


The boho hippie dress I made out of old sheets and tablecloth. All recycled materials. I really like how it turned out. And when you are making a dress from small pieces you can use a lot of smaller pieces you are left with from previous projects.

The mod style dress on the right I also made with recycled materials, except I took the navy blue material from Marimekko fabric that I have. It’s very busy fabric pattern, but has the navy blue stripe with little golden blocks, and I thought it just made the dress. Amazingly it doesn’t look that 60’s in the picture, but in real life it’s spot on. I took the picture late last night when there wasn’t much light left, so it is what it is. Anyway I think you get the idea.

Now I’ll head back to my sewing board!

My son’s old t-shirt


Our son was visiting us and left behind an old t-shirt. When I washed it, I kind of got inspired by it. I remember when I bought the shirt for him.I wanted to be able to wear that, but not as a t-shirt.

I bought him couple of new ones while he was staying here, so I don’t think he’ll miss this one. And I do think this t-shirt means more to me. So I cut it and added some grey sheet and put on a belt and felt quite good about the look. It’s kind of going-back-to-school-look. Just add some black boots and the look is finished.

This t-shirt wasn’t an expensive one, but it’s held on amazingly well on the wear-and-wash-cycle. That’s the good thing about recycling clothes. If you find a piece that’s good after years of use, you can use it again as it will most likely hold on to it’s form.

Remember: reduce reuse recycle!


Recycled summer fashion


I took some shots at Calas del Cuartel, one of Santa Pola’s natural coves. What a lovely place with clear water.

This dress is made of an old scarf and sheet material. The top and sleeves are sheer. The sheer material was very hard to sew, but it does look nice. I swore I’d never do anything with that kind of material, but when I look at the end result, I might have to.

I love the color. It suites my summer mood.

Ps. I had a big crab crawl over my foot while taking the pictures. It scared me so bad that I didn’t understand to try to catch it with the camera. I heard that crabs used crawl there in masses before, but these days they are rare to find.

Tops tops tops


I think I went a little overboard with the tops. Well, it is summer after all and you need tops to go with all kinds of occasions and bottoms.

The on on upper right corner is Marimekko fabric designed by Jenni Tuominen and is called Inka. The back is recycled yellow sheet. All the rest are leftover fabric pieces from recycled sheets. As you can see there wasn’t enough material to cut the flowery one without having a seam in the middle of front and back, but I just like the pattern too much not to wear it as a top too.

This top can be worn with a belt too. Then it transforms into a more “with peplum”-type of garment and does appear a lot more tailored and polished.

Same top design – two lengths


This is two versions of a same design. Made out of recycled materials.

I first made the yellow top. It has some blue flowers on the material. I added the fringe from the much used old tablecloth. (That tablecloth has been so useful that I really need to find another similar to keep my boho hippie theme going.)

Because the yellow top worked out pretty good, I decided to make a dress with the same design. The material has some nice vintage-like patterns in it.

Now I’m frantically searching for leftover fabrics with enough material to make few tops more. This is so easy to make and so comfortable to wear in this heat.


Recycled materials turned into partywear


Today I made two dresses. It’s the same pattern, but different hem length and skirt width.

All the materials are recycled. Everything is made of old sheets, except the lacy top part is made of an old tablecloth. And the pink top has ribbing back to make it easier to dress. That small part was new material.

In my opinion the bluish dress looked better in real life, but I guess the pink/flower dress looks better in pictures.

I wish I was able to find more flowery sheets to use in my dresses. The old flower sheets are classics. I think this flower pattern is really nice and looks almost expensive. Vintagy even.

Now all I need is a night out at a terrace to show my new dresses.